Are You Feeling Stuck in a Corporate Role or Overwhelmed by Entrepreneurial Challenges?

You have a wealth of ideas and talents, but corporate environments can feel restricting, unable to accommodate all your passions.

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As a high achiever, your ambitions are clear. You don't need to tackle the complexities of business alone. Let us guide you in strategizing and achieving your business goals. Reach out to discover the coaching solution that best suits your journey

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Are you ready to transform your passion into a thriving business and lead the charge in your own success story?


Our individualized business coaching tailors strategies to your unique goals and challenges, helping you navigate the corporate landscape and achieve work-life balance. Designed for high-achieving women, our coaching blends consultative and strategic approaches to ensure you launch and grow your business effectively, without burnout.

We understand the pressures and desires to make a significant impact. That’s why we're here to support you in prioritizing your dreams and scaling your impact, guiding you from employee to entrepreneur. Overcome any reservations about time, cost, or doubts with a program that elevates your service to the community and propels you to new heights of success.

Are you ready to transform your professional life and lead with confidence? Join us at Charlene Jefferson Coaching and start your journey to becoming a thriving business owner today.

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Connect with a Community of Empowered Women

  • The Empowered Entrepreneur program brings together ambitious women from diverse backgrounds who understand the desire to pursue multiple passions.
  • Through our coaching and community, you’ll find the support and encouragement you need to break through barriers.
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Discover Strategies to Balance Corporate and Entrepreneurial Life

  • Learn to leverage your multi-passionate nature as an asset, not a liability.
  • Our program guides you through creating effective business strategies that align with your goals, allowing you to balance corporate roles with entrepreneurial ventures.
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"The future belongs to those who are bold enough to embrace their many talents and build a life around them."

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12 coaching sessions delivered over 3 or 6 months

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The Empowered Entrepreneur


Crafted for driven women aiming to expand their reach beyond the corporate environment. Launch your enterprise while excelling in a high-profile position, effectively managing uncertainty and self-doubt. This program guides you to initiate your venture confidently, preventing burnout, and converting side projects into substantial achievements.

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Soft Girl Era: Fueling Feminine Fortitude

Designed for women determined to enhance their connection with their femininity and achieve their goals without compromising their core values. This empowering path allows you to cultivate and utilize your feminine strengths as tools for personal and professional success. Develop skills to handle complex emotions, forge strong relationships, and make intuitive decisions that benefit all facets of your life.

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Are you..

  • Sick of taking the all-or-nothing approach, where you start out eager and strong, lose momentum then fizzle out?
  • Getting mediocre results no matter the increased level of effort?
  • Feeling discouraged, down in spirit or feeling burned out?
  • Overly distracted, over-committed and performing with poor level of effectiveness?
  • Compromising your mental and physical wellbeing as you feed your addiction to be busy?
  • Fear the uncertainty of embarking on new endeavors preventing you from reaching your fullest potential
  • Unfulfilled and desire more for your life, career and business?
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